Rails Performance Monitoring as part of CI

Track your apps performance via your Test Suite & stop slow downs before they're deployed

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How it works

Install the Gem

Add our gem to your test suite, every time you run your test suite the gem will monitor your app & log metrics such as database requests and memory usage.

See results

Commits that exceed a normal threshold will cause the test suite to fail, you can then investigate by reviewing the output.

Adding the Gem

Add the gem to your Gemfile within a test group, so it'll only run when you run the test suite:

# Gemfile
group :test do
  gem 'pig-ci-rails'

Configuring thresholds

You can change the thresholds, when your test suite exceeds these it will fail.

# spec/rails_helper.rb
require 'pig_ci'
PigCI.start do |config|
  # Maximum memory in megabytes
  config.thresholds.memory = 350

  # Maximum time per a HTTP request
  config.thresholds.request_time = 250

  # Maximum database calls per a request
  config.thresholds.database_request = 35
end if RSpec.configuration.files_to_run.count > 1

Supported Frameworks

Ruby on Rails

PigCI currently supports Ruby on Rails, tested via Rspec.